About Harbour Street

Over the last twenty years or so Harbourstreet Management (HSM) has become a boutique agency that represents a group of actors who are highly committed and passionate about their work in the area of Theatre, Musical Theatre, Film, Television, Corporate Videos and voice overs.

HSM is managed by Edmund Falzon who brings with him over 50 years of experience in the business and is supported by very dedicated and experienced staff including Alison Drayton, legal adviser. We, like our clients, take pride in our work and endeavor to promote and nurture their careers from an early age in a highly competitive and difficult profession.

HSM also has strong ties with experienced technical crew such as Cinematographers, Editors, Sound Technicians, Writers, and Directors.

HSM is also a proud supporter of SHOWCAST and CASTING NETWORKS. All of our clients can also be accessed through these casting systems.

We hope our web based service will provide you with the artist you are looking for.

Stay in touch with upcoming developments, which include an online service to allow Directors, Producers and Casting Agents, to access up to the minute information on all of our artists.

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